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Add flexibility and savings with Software Leasing. Add peace of mind with Remote Backups. Add Business with Marketing Optimized Websites. Add convenience, optimization and security with Managed Remote Access and NOC support.


Remote Access Support and Cloud Services should be the direction you choose

Remote Access and Management


Different levels of Remote Access and management allow flexibility. Packages can include cutting edge antivirus and Network Operation Center nightly monitoring and intervention. Support can be given in the background without interrupting work flow. Barring a catastrophic hardware failure 95% of issues can be resolved through remote support. Maintenance and updates can be scheduled for non business hours and auditing and asset management can be performed easily. Remote access to business PCs from end user's homes or mobile devices can be granted as authorized. Remote Access contracts give clientele a $20/hour discount on our engineers hourly rate and limits the need for travel charges in coming onsite. Hardware usage thresholds can be set, remote installs performed, repetitive tasks automated, and security holes can be closed. Leased Antivirus, Antispam, Intrusion Detection, and Identity Theft Protection can be included. Software VPNs can be easily added.

Leased Microsoft Products


Leasing has become the way to go for price, convenience and flexibility. Delmarva IT Solutions Microsoft Partnership can provide discount leasing of all MS Office products along with Hosted Exchange. We recommend connecting your domain name to Hosted Exchange for the most professional email appearance. Calendars can be shared and grouped with other Exchange Users. Leased MS Office Products come with online, full desktop, and mobile and tablet complete versions of the software. These Office products constantly stay up to date so you never have to spend those $200-$300 up front costs when a new version comes out or a new employee is added.

Website Creation and Hosting


Digital Marketing is a keystone to bringing in new business. Your website can often be the first thing a potential client sees. Delmarva IT Solutions can build websites affordably and market them effectively. Tiered packages provide online stores, unlimited bandwidth, database and automated task backends, Search Engine Optimization, and digital marketing and advertising. All sites will be listed with over 150 local directories like The Yellow Pages, The Local Book, and Yelp!. All sites are maintained under contract so your content never appears outdated. Mobile optimized sites are created and sites optimized for different displays are shown depending on which device type they are being viewed with. Social integration is provided and traffic monitoring and hit counts can be provided. Google Analytics can be added on to see where your traffic is coming from, through which routes it is arriving, conversion rates, and most other site statistics.


Remote Offsite Backups


There are several packages that can let you rest assured that your data, or even your entire operating system, with all of its programs and settings, are safe. Very low cost backups can support unlimited devices so all of your backups for your phones, tablets, computers, and servers are in the same place. Disk imaging can be provided along with support for MS Server Operating Systems, all mobile device operating systems, MACs, PCs, and all forms of databases. Continuous data backups in real-time allow you to be secure in the knowledge that you will never lose more than a couple minutes of work.

These are a small sampling of Delmarva IT Solutions services. We also specialize in cyber security and Salisbury computer repair. Please contact us for more information!

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