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​Delmarva IT Solutions 

Delmarva IT Solutions, Salisbury IT Consulting, computer repair, server repair, backups, email, website design
Delmarva IT Solutions consolidates all of your business and home technical solutions 

Founded in 2015, and without the constraints of legacy systems, Delmarva IT Solutions can provide the most cutting edge and cost effective solutions. Technology changed at a rapid pace in 2013 and 2014 and many technologies companies have been left behind the curve. Delmarva IT Solutions keeps its solutions flexible with lightweight cloud computing and hosting services that can alway grow as technology does. We are not held back by old infrastructure, licenses, partnerships or contracts and while we move forward we will give our clientele every option to do so with us. The Internet landscape is constantly changing and we will always be adding and updating our service offerings as a reflection of this change. Staying up to date, protecting data, and giving your business a solid networking foundation and digital presence are what we strive to do. Our mobile remote support options have proven invaluable to clients who are constantly on the road and working from their mobile phones or tablets. Our remote backups can image disks, and do so continuously and in real time, so that in a catastrophic hardware failure we can restore your server, computer, or mobile device to its exact state just minutes before the crash. Our partnership with Microsoft allows price breaks on MS Office and Exchange Mailboxes. Delmarva IT Solutions Web Design and Hosting are best in class and provide Search Engine Optimization, better search rankings and tiered packages of advertising and social marketing. Remote Access Support gives us the ability to help you on demand and gives cutting edge antivirus and the ability to schedule maintenance and fixes or setup alerts for our Network Operations Center to monitor and address at night. We specialize in Salisbury computer repair.

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